PhotoMv Dream

I had a brain cramp followed by some proof of concept coding accompanied by great gulps of learning.  The goal is to be able to move or convert your photo’s meta data around from website to website, one app to another, desktop to server and vice versa.  There’s a tie in to MvManila. Quite a few linkages if you have a blog on one server and a picture server somewhere else.  Or multiples of either and you want to move from one to another.  Keep the blog at but move the photos from Flickr to Picassa or your own web server (or all of the above) and you want your blog posts fixed up to where the picture moved to. You’d also like to take you tags/keywords, categories, and comments with you. Perhaps merge them.

I have a design or scheme or architecture in mind. It’s early and it will change as needed by user feedback and actual practice. This  single page PDF  will give you the basic idea  if you don’t get all picky about the detail, or the presentation.

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