Errors! Gasp! Feedback!

It turns out that the 2.7 documentation has some “oversights”. Other people would call them errors but this a marketing pitch so I don’t say ‘dumb ass errors’. A courageous Manila site owner has been attempting to run the 2.7 MvManila scripts in OS X and he asked for some help. Of course, I’ll help. That’s almost as much fun as getting paid. Seriously.

Issue #1. It might not be clear in the documentation that RubyGems has to be installed. It’s not the easiest thing to install because you have to google the correct set of instructions for your particular OS & version. I’m not picking on OS X. It was a minor challenge for me to get Gems installed in Ubuntu Linux. Too many ways to do it, some of them wrong. It’s a challenge.

Issue #2. Fixurl.tcl will probably croak with an error message like (but not identical)

can't read "msgmap(13)": no such element in array
    while executing
"set newnum $msgmap($msgnum)"
    ("while" body line 6)
    invoked from within
"while {[gets $sf line]>0} {
        set msgnum [lindex $line 0]
        set path [lindex $line 2]
        #puts stderr "$msgnum $path"
        if {$path != "stories"} {
    (file "./fixurl.tcl" line 245)

I’ve seen this problem. The cure is to edit the ‘structure’ file and remove the line with “nnn {About} about” where nnn is a different number for everyone. Then rerun fixurl.tcl.

You might ask ‘why don’t you fix the code and documentation’ instead of posting a blog entry? Do you want the long version or the short version?

Short Version:
It’s easier to delete that ‘about’ line in the structures file than to fix the scripts and documentation.

Long Version:
I don’t run the 2.7 scripts because I have 3.0 versions and you don’t. Actually, it’s real a bitch to test modifications to the 2.7 scripts without a live working Manila site to test against. There are fewer and fewer Manila sites wanting conversion. Only a fewer of the few will grant me access to test. That’s just how it is, the pool is drying up. It’s not worth the effort to make a 2.7.1. A business decision.

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