Next time, It’ll be faster.

I’ve discovered a problem with the 2.7 MvManila scripts when dealing with some Manila servers and the use of international (accented) characters in the title.  There a hack I can email you if you want it.  Of course I  fixed it in 3.0 along with other internatational bugs and of course it wouldn’t Manla without some suprises . A patient client needed some 3.0 features and after I coded away, 3.0 is really nice for me.  Maybe the next conversion will go so easily that I’ll make a profit. Who am I kidding? Profit is a pipe dream.  It’s always going to be labor intensive.

Here’s a couple of things that I had to deal with:

International characters in the title. Both CP-1252 and ISO-8859-1. We agreed not to bother trying to fix CP-1252.  We spent a lot of time getting this correct because as it turns out, he had some relative urls and 2.7 will not handle those but 3.0 will. And he liked the idea that 3.0 will rewrite permalinks in the style he wanted. We had some more internationalization problems, again with the title/subject getting to work like wordpress expects.

His Manila gave me a siteStructure that broke my parser and I horsed around a lot trying to get all the posts into the correct category. There were some Manila XML bugs to work around but eventually we got it looking correct and the stuff that didn’t categorize cleanly, gets WordPress tags so they can be found. A nice feature, actually.

That’s what happens in a conversion from Manila to WordPress. It’s why I charge, I know where the demons lurk.

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