Split WXR (with GUI and installers)

A reader running Windows wanted to run my splitWXR script. It took a few hours of email but we got it working as a Shoe’s gui script. Sweet! I then decided to finish some GUI debugging and use some newer Shoes functions so it’s easy to install and run. It’s available in three easily installable versions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. If you don’t have the Shoes framework, the downloaded app will do the download and install of Shoes. Then it starts my little script. That’s about as easy as it gets. Let me know if it doesn’t for you.

4 thoughts on “Split WXR (with GUI and installers)

  1. anak medan

    yeah… thank you.. i have got your software anyway.. sory for my bad english :P
    anyway, if its possible i will change the language to bahasa indonesia if got permission from you.


  2. anak medan

    just reporting in… i have download and try to split it.. but what ? the screen said that i have done to split wxr.. but i dont have seen any result of split session…

    Where is the right path for runing your script ? and where the result should be ?


  3. Cecil Post author

    I’ve got a new version in the public directory that properly puts the files next to the input file.

    Where the script is download and stored is a bit of a mystery to me in Windows but you can search for ‘SplitWXR’. Enable searching through hidden files and folders.

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