New version of SplitWXR is available

Please read all the updates to this post.

I’ve fixed a bug that some kind folks reported. There’s a new versions (0.2) in the /public directory.

The bug didn’t put the output files in the proper directory. Where they went depends on your platform. A search for ‘wxr’ would find them (search hidden folders on Windows). It’s fixed now and for good measure it’ll show you where it does write them.

[UPDATE Nov, 19, 2009]

SplitWXR may not work anymore with out some hand holding. SplitWXR depends on Shoes which will download the Ruby interpreter. The Shoes site has gone “walk about” and might not be available so the whole chain of things fails. There is a solution. Download Shoes from an alternate site and install it. Then double click on the SplitWXR icon and it will find the Shoes (and Ruby) on your system and has been reported to work.

[Update: July 24, 2010]
I may not be able to make SplitWXR work with future versions of Ruby and Shoes and Older wordpress export files. It’s a messy stew of incompatibility that I’ll not bore you with here. Fortunately, if you upgrade your source WordPress to 3.0+, then there are export options that allow you to make smaller exports (by date or category or author or all of them) Granted, it’s clunkly but you can can make export files that are small enough to be imported to your new server. It would be infinitely easier to ask your new webserver host admin to up their download file size limit.

Upgrading your old WordPress blog to 3.0 would be a pain for some folks with highly customized and non conforming themes. It’s not in my power to solve that problem.

In other words, don’t expect SplitWXR to work for much longer. It’s not really needed anymore and your collective pain to use the WP 3.0 tools is less than mine. Yes, really! I might get around to fixing SplitWXR for the next version of Shoes (and Ruby 1.9.1) when I get bored. Don’t depend on me.

2 thoughts on “New version of SplitWXR is available

  1. Danielpk

    Hey Cecil, thanx alot for your updated “SplitWXR” i really like using ur file, and..hmmmm…i was wondering if i got link to your site (i wanna post something about this WXR splitter…and link back to you?) is it possible? as i really want to help those out there who still struggle with splitting WXR!!! please let me know if i can! ;)


  2. Lorik

    Hi there! I just found this website and was really excited to download your application to split some files. However, when I downloaded the latest version, nothing would happen…I tried installing it, but it would not work. Would you happen to know what I am doing wrong?


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