Hi all

I’m going to use this account to move some stuff around and maybe make it easier for you and the Great Google Machine to find things.

If you got here from, rest assured anything of value from that silly site will be here. Eventually.

We’ve all moved on from running Manila websites although those postings are still here. My main blog is We’re Hosed . Fron ranting to tech solutions, observations to speculation and personal stuff.

I’ve also got a old Cooking Cheap blog. It doesn’t get a lot of updates but I like have some of the Cookin’ Cheap vidoes available to the world and I occationally check some of recipes and experiments. Still, there’s not much new there and quite frankly you can find better cooking blogs.

So what will appear here? Pictures of computer memorabilia. My memoriabilia. I’ve got a closet or two full of old computer magazine, books, tools and odd schtuff and I’m going to sell them (ebay willing) or I’ll trash them. But first, I’ll scan the covers and the table of contents page along with various half baked photos of items.

Obviously, I hope to build excitement (oooh!) for anything that goes onto the auction block. And some of it is just documenting what the smart folks said and did, and what didn’t. Causual nostalgia buff’s can read RCA 1802 or KIM-1 and move on to the next picture down memory lane. Some afficiandos may want to own these artifacts. Please send an email or comment on the posting if you would like one or more items to appear at auction,

The picture gallery will be built up over days and weeks and months and future blog posts will follow a time line.

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